Sep 26, 2023

Session 1- That's a Wrap!

Launch session 1 has come to an end and session 2 is just a few days away! It was an amazing four weeks and we’re so proud of all of the work the teams have accomplished. While we miss the students already, we’ve asked our session 1 Launchies to share some of their reflections and thoughts about their time at MIT. We think Nakul sums his experience up nicely:

Nakul Goel
Imagine being in your dream school with dream classmates, mentors, speakers and teachers in a dream classroom where dreams come true, that is MIT Launch.

- Nakul Goel, co-founder of Edibo At Launch, we encourage students to reach for their goals and achieve more than they have before. Our classes combine like-minded students with the entrepreneurial drive to change the world. While our teachers and mentors provide content and inspiration, it’s the students’ hard work and resiliency that drives the program.

I would say that Launch as a whole goes far beyond teaching just entrepreneurship. It teaches you how to deal with adversities, overcome challenges and adopt different perspectives on issues.”

- Mantej Singh, co-founder of Lyfeband Launch students spend four weeks living together on the MIT campus. For many of them it is the first time living away from home and among peers. The bonds formed at during the nightly dinners and work sessions are invaluable and will endure long past Launch.

Gabi Fullam
You don't really know what to expect when you set off on journeys like these. I'm not a ready-made billionaire post-launch, but I am a bit stronger, more confident and I have the best friends in the world."

-Gabrielle Fullam, co-founder of Politifund - startup that allows crowdfunding of lobbying by individuals. One of the biggest milestones at Launch is the final pitch. Through the exercise of pitching, all teams received valuable feedback and input from a wide variety of mentors. While pitches can be incredibly nerve-wracking, the session one students were professional and poised, ready for any questions. We asked the students to share some of their post-pitch feelings:

The feeling after final pitches is a mixture between nerves and excitement. You know that you took an important step, but you also know it was only the first one on the long staircase of entrepreneurship.

-Rodrigo Ruz, co-founder of Eko Like Rodrigo, many students leave Launch with the realization of just how difficult it is to start a business from scratch. However, they leave with the tools and mindset to achieve amazing things.


“Seeing everything that we have done this summer culminate in final pitches has made me realize how valuable MIT Launch is and how I have grown as a person and as an entrepreneur.-Matthew Ross, co-founder of Swap. Many teams spend almost the entirety of Launch together, and do not have the chance to listen to other pitches. The culmination of Launch allows them to come together and celebrate all of the hard work they have done. It also allows them to reflect on their personal and professional growth.Our final reflection comes from Jason Zhao, co-founder of Politifund.

Jason Zhao

Upon arriving at Launch, Jason declared "I am going to build this company at Launch, I really believe it can work!"He stuck to his declaration and with the help of his team launched a truly inspiring company. We caught up with Jason after his team’s pitch-

Finishing the final pitch felt amazing, not because everything was finished, but because we knew we were just getting started with the challenges ahead.

Congratulations to all of the session 1 Launchies on all of the progress they have made. We can’t wait to learn about the amazing things they accomplish!

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