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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is LaunchX for?

LaunchX is designed for high school students. Generally 15-18 year olds. You must be attending high school at the time of applying.

What does it cost?

Each summer program has a different price. You can find the price of each summer program's price and other aspects on our program comparison page.

What is your acceptance rate

Generally we have around a 30% acceptance rate. Our competitive programs allow us to offer incredible program experiences for all participants.

What are the dates?

Our summer programs all run during the summer months (June-August). For dates you can either go to the program page or you can see all the dates on our program comparison page.

When is the the application due?

We have 3 application deadlines.

November 15 – Priority Application
January 7 – Early Application
April 24 – Final Deadline

The early you apply, the better! Our summer programs can fill quickly and it is possible we will close the application before the final deadline. You can start your application in our application portal.

Is there financial aid?

Yes, we do not want money to be the reason qualified applicants can't attend our summer program. We offer financial awards to students. You can find all the requirements on our Cost & Aid page.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at info@launchx.com and we’ll help you.


How can I get involved as a professional?

LaunchX incorporates professionals into our programming as mentors, speakers, and panelists! Each role is an intergral part of our curriculum. To learn more, submit your volunteer application, and set up an inquiry call, visit our Volunteers page!

Can my business be involved?

We match businesses across the globe with our innovation teams to solve a genuine challenge your business if facing. This gives students a chance to learn about an established company and gives you access to bright talent who will see about your problem with fresh eyes.


When do you usually hire roles?

We hire regularly throughout the year. If you are looking for our summer roles, most of those get posted near the beginning of the year.

Why are some roles "alums" only?

The LaunchX experience is unique. Alums understand how the program should work and can help potential Launchies have the best experience possible.

What is the commitment for summer staff?

Depending on the program you are helping with the programs last between 3–5 weeks. There is also some training and pre-work for many of the roles. For specific times, see each job posting.

Are there fully virtual roles?

Yes, our headquarter team is fully remote. For those supporting during the school year and for our virtual program, the role is 100% remote.

Do I have to live in the United States?

We do not have a requirement for any virtual role to be located in the United States.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at info@launchx.com and we’ll help you.