Our Alum Stories

Male and female LaunchX students jumping outside

We are so proud of our alums and celebrate the growth they experienced in and after their summer program. Read how our alums overcame odds, built their business, and discovered what they learned.

Successful Launchies

  • 2021 LaunchX Alumnus
  • Top-6 finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India
  • Co-founder of EcoGo
  • EcoGo was selected as a top-6 finalist in the Youth Founders’ Summit by Smarter Me Singapore
  • EcoGo was recognized as a Winner at ‘Powered By Youth’ Hong Kong

Mrigank Pawagi

  • 2017 LaunchX Alumnae
  • Multi-award winning social entrepreneur
  • 3 times TEDx speaker
  • Current company, She., reaches over 15 countries and has received notable endorsements
Female LaunchX alumni smiling

Joana Baptista

Male LaunchX alumni smiling

Michael Matias

  • 2017 LaunchX Alumnae
  • TedX speaker
  • Co-founder of a technology startup in the Bay Area that raised over $100 million in venture capital
  • Founder of a Crypto Price Tracker app that ranked #2 in the finance category on the App Store
Female LaunchX alumni smiling

Harshita Arora

  • 2016 LaunchX Alumnae
  • CEO and Co-founder of HelpWear Inc, a company that brings more affordable and accessible healthcare to cardiac patients.
  • Thiel Fellowship Recipient, YC Alumni, and a AVP at Pioneer Fund
  • Founded Beyond Aging, a functional working group that removes barriers facing the longevity industry
Male LaunchX alumni with glasses smiling at camera

Andre Bertram

  • 2019 LaunchX Alumnae
  • TedX Speaker
  • Co-founder of GirlTechBoss
  • Social entrepreneur and intrepid researcher
  • Co-founder of Techshare Project, a student-led 501(c)3 that initiatives inspiring the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs
Female LaunchX alumni smiling at camera

Molly Cantillion

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