Panelists on college campus for LaunchX summer program

Give expert feedback

LaunchX teams work to explore and create a new company in just a few weeks. This culminates in our Demo Day where students present to expert panelists like you.

Be there or anywhere

Help shape the future of business by leading Launchies in our in-person and online programs.

In-person summer programs

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On campus teams

Join us at one of our partner university campuses as students present their startup to you and 2-3 other panelists. Ask questions and give valuable feedback to help the students grow and validate their ideas.

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Online summer programs

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Virtually. Anywhere.

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Our Online Demo Day takes place over 5 seperate events. Students record their pitch beforehand and join virtually for you to provide insight into their new company.

The Commitment

  1. 4 hour session for 1 day
  2. Listen to company pitches
  3. Offer questions and insight


Shape the future

Female LaunchX student on college campus

Students join our summer programs from all over the world eager to hone their skills as entreprenuers. Teams work hard to build a business in just a few short weeks and eagerly await your expert feedback and questions. The passion and excitement that Launchies bring is a highlight for our panelists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved as a professional?

LaunchX incorporates professionals into our programming as mentors, speakers, and panelists! Each role is an integral part of our curriculum. To learn more, submit your volunteer application, and set up an inquiry call, visit our Volunteers page!

Can my business be involved?

We match businesses globally with our innovation teams to solve a genuine challenge your business is facing. This opportunity allows students to learn about an established company while giving you access to bright talent who will see your problem with fresh eyes.

How much is the commitment?

We have different levels that you can engage with LaunchX. As long as you have some flexibility, we will work with you to see what role would fit you best.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at and we’ll help you.