A female mentor and high school LaunchX student standing together posing on a college campus.

Lead the Launchies

Each summer, we hire a team of passionate individuals who want to help students succeed. Join us at our campus locations or online summer programs to help shape the world's future business leaders.

Be there or anywhere

Help shape the future of business by leading Launchies in our in-person and online summer programs.

In-person summer programs

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On campus teams

Join us on one of our partner university campuses to lead students through the entrepreneurship program.

We offer a variety of roles that all directly affect the LaunchX experience.

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Online summer programs

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Virtually anywhere

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Make the online experience unforgettable for LaunchX students from around the world. In a world where, more than ever, companies are fully remote, help prepare students for this unique aspect of the business while maintaining a fantastic program experience.


Bring the passion

LaunchX student standing in front of wall with books

Students join our summer programs from all over the world, eager to hone their skills as entrepreneurs and innovators. LaunchX goes beyond the summer. Students return to their communities to make waves, create new products, and innovate creative solutions. When you help a Launchie succeed, you are changing a corner of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you usually hire roles?

We hire regularly throughout the year. If you are looking for our summer roles, most of those get posted near the beginning of the year.

Why are some roles "alums" only?

The launchX experience is unique. Alums understand how the summer program should work and can help potential Launchies have the best experience possible.

What is the comittment for summer staff?

Depending on the summer program you are helping with, the programs last between 3–5 weeks. There is also some training and pre-work for many of the roles. For specific times, see each job posting.

Are there fully virtual roles?

Yes, our headquarter team is fully remote. For those supporting during the school year and for our virtual summer program, the role is 100% remote. However, specific jobs do have a United States residency requirement. Our job descriptions will provide clarification on what role you’re eligible to apply for

Do I have to live in United States?

We do not have a requirement for any virtual role to be located in the United States.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at info@launchx.com and we’ll help you.