Sep 19, 2023

LaunchX community connects top young entrepreneurs

To paraphrase the famous quote – it takes a community to raise an entrepreneur.While certain rare individuals do it all by themselves, most entrepreneurs owe their success – at least in part – to the feedback, advice and guidance they enjoyed along the way.Drawing on the fellowship and support of a community is an important aspect of ultimate success and one that is often overlooked by creative types who spend much of their time beavering away by themselves or in small, insular groups.This is the ethos that underpins the LaunchX community. Designed and led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus and LaunchX founder Laurie Stach, this innovative, cutting-edge program brings like-minded young entrepreneurs together to learn from experienced speakers and mentors, and just as crucially, from each other.LaunchX has a selective admissions process that brings together top aspiring entrepreneurial students from the US and around the world to join their annual summer program. Successful participants are chosen from thousands of applicants and the low admission rate ensures they assemble an eclectic group of varying entrepreneurial types from different backgrounds to come together to collaborate and share their perspectives.The LaunchX summer program prioritizes community. During the sessions, which include teaming, pitching, feedback, discussion groups, community events and more, you and your fellow entrepreneurs will build on your ideas and perhaps discover that one process, notion, shortcut, or tweak, that will take your concept to the stars.The community differenceEntrepreneurs are different beasts. Driven, single-minded, and inspired, you are not a typical 9-5 type. You don’t have a manager or boss. You don’t clock off. Your world is inventive, resourceful and unique. You have that special gift – a true entrepreneurial spirit – and so does the rest of your LaunchX community.You will find your community an invaluable ingredient in your progress to the top. You will be surrounded by switched-on peers who will provide feedback and moral support to help you overcome obstacles and build your business.The LaunchX program and community has been the springboard for many success stories, including alumna Janice Hur.“LaunchX was an amazing opportunity to meet other peers and extend my entrepreneurial experience,” says Janice. “LaunchX has helped me build my own company and I am eager to continue this business with my team in the future even after LaunchX. I was also lucky enough to build acquaintances between such a fun, energetic cohort that made me laugh so many times during lessons. LaunchX itself is an amazing community also built by thoughtful instructors and interns that are easy to approach and always willing to help us out when we have a question.”Friends – and collaborators – for lifeCommunity is an effective path to escaping the isolation that often restricts entrepreneurs. Countless LaunchX alumni will tell you the experience and their peers were a significant part of their progress.The LaunchX community works together and creates growth opportunities, both from a business perspective and personally. The entire program fosters bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.Alumni from LaunchX communities come out the program empowered. They have enhanced tactical awareness, new allies, an expanded worldview and an enlarged sphere of commercial influence. They are ready to take on the world and all of its entrepreneurial challenges.Read more:

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