Oct 25, 2023

LaunchX Alumni Reflections on their Entrepreneurial Journeys

We often say that LaunchX isn't just about helping create startups, it's about creating entrepreneurs.  Our alumni continue to impress us with their impressive accolades which include things like going on Shark Tank, several Forbes 30 Under 30, startup investments, company sales, TEDx talks, and even several writing books about entrepreneurship.  Wow!LaunchX doesn’t just guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and help you to launch your startup, LaunchX prepares you for years of success to come. We know that one of the next steps of the journey after high school is university, so we've included the school of each of these alumni, though also noted some other of their achievements as well.  Here are some of the LaunchX alumni reflections on how influential their LaunchX experience was on their future:

Brown University logo
“As an entrepreneur, my life is full of net linear growth and of progress towards the asymptotic line of perfection, yet it's an infinite for-loop of coming back to being a comeback-kid as I come back to not coming back to my past failures. There isn't anything as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, out of time, and all the odds are against you.”

- Smaiyl Makyshov, LaunchX 2019, Brown UniversityCEO @ Spokescience

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) logo
“Launch introduced me to a rigorous product process— the core idea of always looking to provide the right solution for someone else’s need. This has inspired my own personal mission to design products for a better human experience. In college I studied both mechanical engineering and art+design to understand how to solve problems technically, and also how to make those solutions emotionally resonate with the people who need it most. After graduating, I’m applying the same philosophy, and I get to do it at a much larger scale. I’m solving problems differently, and beautifully for millions of users.”

- Annie Zhang, LaunchX 2014, MITProduct Design Engineer at Apple | Previous Marketing and Communications Coordinator of LaunchX

University of Texas (UT) logo
"LaunchX was an inspiring experience that gave me the confidence to take ownership of my ideas and embark on the first steps towards transforming these ideas into realities."

- Jason Zhao, LaunchX 2016, UT AustinFounder of Politifund | Founder of Project Zilkr | Founder of 3 Day Startup Foundations

Stanford University logo
“LaunchX was one of the most monumental experiences I've had as a young entrepreneur. It would be a disservice if I tried to articulate everything I've learnt and experienced in the summer program; however, it clearly paved the way for me to embark on an extremely curious and entrepreneurial journey. The startup I founded in LaunchX, AnyMeal, is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had, one that I often reflect on as I currently help invest in early stage companies.”

- Michael Matias, LaunchX 2013, Stanford UniversityForbes 30 Under 30 | Senior Associate, J-Ventures | Software Engineer, Hippo | Author of Age is Only an Int: Lessons I Learned as a Young Entrepreneur

Harvard University logo
“The number one lesson that I learned from my time at LaunchX is the importance of failing forward fast. Embracing this lesson in every aspect of my life has enabled me to successfully grow my non-profit, the National Scholar Foundation, as well as to thrive as an undergraduate at Harvard studying neuroscience. For instance, I remember struggling with my assignments in organic chemistry; rather than putting off the assignments, I would always dive in and get started even when I knew most of what I was doing might be wrong. However, through reaching out for feedback early and often from my instructors, I was able to make the appropriate corrections to the assignments as well as excel in the course. As I think about a future in medicine, this lesson that I learned at LaunchX will empower me to succeed in medical school and beyond.”

- Michael Nock, LaunchX 2014, Harvard UniversityFounder of National Scholar FoundationIf you're ready to be part of the LaunchX community and join the ranks of alumni, apply now!

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