Feb 7, 2024

LaunchX alum creating amazing content

Juan David Campolargo joined LaunchX in 2018 for the entrepreneurship program. His experience in the program was marked by growth and connection as he built a company with his team in just 5 weeks. 

As a senior at the University of Illinois, Juan David looks back at LaunchX with fondness. LaunchX acted as a catalyst for his entrepreneurial journey. During his time, he had the opportunity to give a short presentation similar to a TED talk. His courses taught him a lot about the startup world, giving him the confidence to approach an incubator after the program and work for a venture-backed startup – helping him grow even more as an entrepreneur.

Juan David earned 6 awards during his time at LaunchX

He also met a mentor during the program that gave him the inspiration and courage to write a book. Today, Juan David is producing incredible content. He has written multiple books, started companies, and hosts the UIUC Talkshow.  

However, the knowledge about startups isn’t the only aspect he gained during the entrepreneurship program. 

One of the unexpected benefits of the program for Juan David was the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of people from all over the world. It was amazing that students were “coming together and having a dream to make something happen.” That is exactly what Juan David experienced during this time.

He met a group outside of his LaunchX team that he really connected with. Even during the LaunchX program, he teamed up with the other LaunchX alums to compete in the XPrize Competition – securing a spot in the top 10 projects. 

Friendships made during LuanchX are still some key memories years after the program. Whether getting dinner with people, having late-night conversations, or going on walks,  Juan connected with other like-minded high schoolers who shared his passion for changing the world.

He advises anyone who gets into the program to grow by building your own company. But go beyond your team and connect with others in the program. Juan encourages all Launchies to remember that there is an incredible group of people – work on other projects and make deep connections with other students. Who knows where the connections will lead you?

Here is where you can read his latest book, buy his book Generation Optimism or connect with Juan.

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