Jan 30, 2024

LaunchX Alum Building Better Healthcare

The future of healthcare is happening

If you get a chance to peak into the future, you will most likely see more efficient and effective healthcare powered by AI. At least, that is how Panashe Madzudzo envisions what’s next.

Madzudzo graduated from LaunchX in 2017 and since then, he has been putting the lessons and the connections from the program to work. Though he is an entrepreneur at heart, he hasn’t always been able to express that.

Madzudzo’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Starting as an avid gamer, Madzudzo was quickly introduced to the techie world and became fascinated by the mysterious inner workings of computer programs. By 15, he had begun to code, crafting his project and further developing his tech skills.

By the time Madzudzo got into LaunchX, he saw himself as a solopreneur, able to get projects off the ground by himself. It was at LaunchX that Madzudzo credits for having his real networking experience. Being surrounded by other like-minded and passionate students during the summer program ignited a new side of Madzudzo – bringing out a fresh boldness that would serve him well in the coming years.

Madzudzo with his LaunchX team in 2017

He found a problem

Fast forward over 5 years later, Madzudzo gets in an accident that causes his arm to break. His arm wasn’t healing like it should, yet the doctors and nurses weren’t following up with him – they weren’t checking on the healing process. Madzudzo has to become his own advocate and chase his own answers to ensure he receives quality medical care.

He saw a problem.

The healthcare system wasn’t working like it was supposed to – particularly for those who need it most. In talking with doctors and other healthcare professionals, it was clear that there were some root causes for the system's struggle to work. One key area was the software.

With a background in coding, Madzudzo had found a real problem to solve in the world that he had the skills to solve. Avalon was born.

What is Avalon?

Avalon is an AI-driven software that helps establish meaningful systems of healthcare systems. Need a way to check on patient records consistently? Ask Avalon to set up the process, and your issue will be solved in minutes (yes, minutes!). Looking to start a new clinic and need a billing system that just works? Ask Avalon.

Avalon is poised to become the Stripe of healthcare. In October 2023, Avalon joined 10 other teams as part of the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First.

Madzudzo credits much of his success in this startup to his experience at the LaunchX summer program in 2017. LaunchX stirs up fond memories of a s’more building contents where his teammate ate the supplies, a prom-like dance (the first he had experienced), and going out to a nice restaurant in Chicago. But Madzudzo also took away important lessons that have led to his incredible startup.

What he learned at LaunchX

Before LaunchX, he had been a perfectionist, wanting to ensure everything was just so before launching. LaunchX had taught him that he needed to have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) if he was going to be able to get his company off the ground in just 4 weeks. This valuable lesson allowed him to launch Avalon when he needed to, not watching until everything seemed perfect.

Another lesson he remembers fondly is including the intended audience in the product building. Instead of thinking he had found a problem and working on a solution on an island, Madzudzo went to the doctors and other healthcare providers to learn about their issues, test out new solutions, and build a product that fit their actual needs. 

The third lesson that Madzudzo attributes to his time at LaunchX is the ability to work with others well to build something better. He had to give up his solopreneur spirit and join his team to do something even better than he could have done alone. 

His ability to work well with others, manage others, and build together all return to his team during LaunchX. Though his original LaunchX startup eventually failed, he was able to make a secondary startup from the idea that he ultimately sold. Plus, he is still connected with many of the other Launchies from the program, including some of his teammates.

Google for Startup Accelerator including Avalon

Where's Avalon today?

Avalon is less than a year old and already has over 50 providers and 2,000 patients. Currently based in South Africa, Madzudzo sees the opportunity to make his community better by empowering healthcare workers to provide better care and helping patients with the tools to access that care.

However, don’t assume that Avalon will remain in South Africa. There is currently a waitlist of providers in the US, and there is a steady expansion of partnerships as more discover the ease and effectiveness of Avalon for their practice.

Though Madzudzo did much of the core programming at the beginning, he is now the CEO of Avalon and is focused on products and partnerships. His focus will allow for an even better version of Avalon to be near you in the future.

What’s next for Avalon?

Madzudzo is always looking for partners interested in using Avalon at their practice or can help continue to build a better product – especially in different parts of the world. If you are interested in disrupting inadequate healthcare and bringing a better system to patients and doctors alike, you can contact Madzudzo here.

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