Oct 18, 2023

LaunchX Admissions Data Summer Program 2020

It’s that time of year again! We’ve gathered the LaunchX admissions data and are excited to share a bit about the summer program 2020 community of high school student entrepreneurs at LaunchX. Our admissions process selects young entrepreneurs from across the United States and the around the world to work together to bring ideas to life. With the addition of LaunchX Virtual this year, we continue to bring the LaunchX experience to students wherever they are located! We are excited to welcome our admitted students this summer.Here's a bit about our incoming class for summer program 2020...

Summer Program 2020 male female gender ratio admitted students

32% of admitted students are female and 68% are male.All high school grades are represented among this year’s cohort.

LaunchX Admissions Data 2020 admitted students financial aid need

22% of admitted students are financial need applicants. It is important to us at LaunchX that we be able to admit the most talented and entrepreneurially-minded applicants, so admission is need-blind. That means that applying for financial need cannot hurt your chances of admission. The application fee can be waived for students who provide proof of sufficient financial need, and more information on the amount of financial support is available on the summer program page.

2020 admitted students international domestic

Students in the summer program 2020 cohort come from 28 different states and 40 different countries, with 38% of admitted students come from countries outside the United States including Nicaragua, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Greece, Luxembourg, the Philippines, and many more!

2020 ratio brain business developer builder brander

When assembling startup teams, one of the things we look at is entrepreneurial types to balance the team structure. This year, LaunchX admitted students’ break down as:

  • 17% brander (who specialize in marketing and branding),
  • 25% builder (who tend to be the technical and product development specialists),
  • 34% business developer (managing the sales, finance, and business logistics), and
  • 24% brain (who specialize market research and user experience).

Many of the admitted students were engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits before applying to LaunchX. In fact, it’s one of the things we consider during the application process! Here are some of the activities our future Launchies have participated in:

Entrepreneurial activities clubs company nonprofit hackathon competition
  • 17% Started multiple companies or non-profits
  • 25% Attended hackathons
  • 39% Competed in a startup competition
  • 49% Attended an entrepreneurship program
  • 60% Started a company or non-profit
  • 65% Started a school club

Wow!  We're continually impressed by what these students have done even prior to joining the program.  If you're considering applying next year, and these seem overly impressive, don't let these stats deter you!  Keep in mind that there are lots of entrepreneurial types and backgrounds that come together to start a company, and there's a reason that none of these are more than two thirds.The mindset, experience, and teaming capacity of these students come in all shapes and sizes, so while we've tried to give a bit of an overview in some statistics, each student brings something unique and amazing to the program.  Keep that in mind when you apply next year, and start thinking about how you'll communicate your unique entrepreneurial aptitude in your application.This summer, we are excited to once again bring together such a talented group of high-school entrepreneurs! Stay tuned for updates from this year’s cohort on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as here on the LaunchX blog. We can’t wait to see what our teams build this summer!

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