Jul 3, 2024

First impressions from 2024's LaunchX’s Mentors/Instructors

How do you spot the next generation of entrepreneurs? We at LaunchX received hundreds of applications and have selected a talented group of teens from across the world who we believe will be the next generation of changemakers. Here are the first impressions of 2024’s Launchies from our mentors and instructors.

Sarah Smith, 2024 LaunchX Lead Instructorw

Sarah Smith - Lead Instructor of Cohort A 

“LaunchX students are a remarkable blend of passion, resilience, and innovative thinking,” says Sarah Smith. “These students exhibit a unique drive to not only dream big but also actively pursue those dreams with a strategic mindset. They possess a maturity and a level of focus that is uncommon for their age, allowing them to approach challenges with a problem-solving attitude.”

How does Sarah spot the entrepreneurial spirit? “I look for curiosity and a genuine desire to understand how things work. This perspective often translates into a willingness to ask questions and seek out knowledge. I also notice a proactive attitude – those who see problems not as obstacles but as opportunities to create solutions.”

Traci Schmidley, 2024 LaucnhX Mentor

Traci Schmidley - Mentor of Cohort B 

“Incredibly focused, driven, and goal-oriented” is how Traci Schmidley describes the European cohort. “They clearly have a passion and purpose!” She notes that the students are constantly asking questions, wondering why things are the way they are, and imagining how they can be different. “These young people believe in themselves and that they have the power and possibilities to contribute meaningfully to a problem.”

Guillaume Catella, 2024 LaunchX Mentor

Guillaume Catella - Mentor of Cohort C

“I am incredibly impressed by the quality of this year’s LaunchX students,” says Guillaume Catella. “Their dedication and engagement are evident in every session, where they not only participate actively but also share insightful comments. This level of enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity is truly inspiring and sets a high standard for the program.”

Guillaume highlights the common traits of LaunchX students: “They have an ever-lasting curiosity and desire to learn and absorb new knowledge. They’re passionate, driven, and ambitious, setting high goals for themselves. They get things done through hard work or by finding the fun in work. And they build long-lasting connections and networks to be surrounded by mentors and experts that will help them.”

The buzz is real!

The consensus across the board? This year’s Launchies are off to an incredible start. They’re innovative, driven, and ready to take on the world. Their mentors are already looking forward to the rest of the summer, eager to see how these young entrepreneurs will develop their ideas and turn them into reality.

So, here’s to the 2024 LaunchX cohort – may their entrepreneurial journeys be as dynamic and inspiring as their first week!

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from LaunchX – this summer is going to be one for the books.

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