Apr 11, 2024

Do I need to go to university after LaunchX?

You attended 1 of the 4 incredible LaunchX summer programs. Congratulations! During the Entrepreneurship Program, you started a new business with your team. Or you consulted with an existing business to solve a real problem they were facing in the Innovation Program. Either way, the experience gives you a deeper confidence in yourself and a better understanding of the business world.

Most are aware that the experience also looks great on the college resume. 

That makes sense. LaunchX has always prided itself on bringing together some of the brightest high school students from around the world to learn and grow together. We appreciate that for many Launchies, college is the logical next step in their journey.

We applaud all of those who continue on to amazing schools all over the world.

University isn’t for everyone

Not every student needs to attend college to be successful. Headlines continue to announce the rising cost of universities, particularly in the United States. Plus, most leading tech companies are now saying college experience isn’t necessary. And other firms are beginning to follow.

The 2 important decisions that each Launchie needs to make –

  1. Will the job you want in the future require higher education?
  2. If not, can you develop the skills needed to get the job?

By defining success for yourself and your future career, you can make better decisions today.

Some skills required

LaunchX has stood at the intersection of theory and practice since the beginning. The rigorous curriculum teaches Launchies the foundations of business necessary to thrive in the world today.

However, LaunchX goes beyond business pitches and theoretical innovations. Each 3-5-week programs challenge students by having them start a legitimate business or consult with a legitimate company. 

These entrepreneurship activities and consulting activities help high school students to develop the skills they can take into their future careers.

College-bound or not

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, consulting, problem–solving, connecting with like-minded high schoolers, and building business skills early, there is a LaunchX program for you. 

Gain skills beyond the lecture halls and apply them to the practical work you will do for the rest of your life. By working on these skills early, you will be far ahead of your peers who wait to build their skill sets after 20 years old.

Thomas Clapper
Thomas Clapper
Marketing and Brand Manager
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