Sep 26, 2023

Are you an entrepreneur? Overview of LaunchX Accepted Students

It takes all different entrepreneurial types coming together to start a successful company. LaunchX accepts students with a range of different types of entrepreneurial experience and mindset, knowing that they will come together in teams to complement each other's skills and backgrounds. Some of these types of background experiences include leadership, starting companies, attending hackathons, and more.

chart of experience of admits to LaunchX 2021

In addition to the admitted student experience, there were several parts of the application that allowed the LaunchX admissions committee to get a more thorough perspective of the incoming students on a more personal level. Our incoming students are ambitious, passionate young entrepreneurs who are eager to make an impact with their startups. We've used answers to some of the questions throughout their application to create word clouds to show their innovative spirit and passion.

"Why should we accept you?"

Admits show their passion, teamwork, skills, desire to create, and more. We look for students that have experience working well with others, have the passion to pursue an idea, and are ready to create tangible results.

students answer to why we should accept them to LaunchX

"Please summarize your entrepreneurial experience."

While the above shows the percentage of admitted students who have done different entrepreneurial and skill-based activities, this is an opportunity for students to share more personalized summaries. Many have started businesses, developed their skills, gained valuable work experience, and impacted their school, and led teams through various projects.

Summary of admitted students entrepreneurial experience

"What three words best describe you?"

While every LaunchX student has unique attributes that make them a valued member of the community, many share the common characteristics of being driven, passionate, ambitious, creative, resilient, curious, determined, innovative, motivated, collaborative leaders.

"What do you do for fun?"

We love to learn about what our students like to do for fun! Playtime is just as important as work time, and students love to read, play sports, listen to music, create, watch videos, design art, and more. Having a well rounded variety of channels to express yourself and fuel your mind and body are important as a young entrepreneur.

what admitted LaunchX students do for fun

"What has been your biggest challenge (has held you back) from being more successful in entrepreneurship?"

Every entrepreneur has faced their share of challenges that they learn to overcome. Launchies struggle with finding the time, resources, balance, peers, and knowledge to become more successful in their startup journey. LaunchX is excited to help support them in these!

challenges that admits see to being more successful

"What is important to you?"

The top things that LaunchX admits say are important to them are family, friends, being happy, making an impact, community, health, helping, and innovating.

what is most important to admitted students

"What do you want to be known for?"

Finally, LaunchX admits want to be known for innovating! In particular, they want to create change, make a positive impact, be technology leaders, while helping the world, and problem solving. Do you have any qualities you want to be know for? Make sure to let us know in your application!

what LaunchX admitted students want to be known for

We are continually inspired by our LaunchX students and are excited to be welcoming another year of students to help innovate and change the world. We are excited to bring together these young innovators this summer and see what startups they launch!Make sure to stay engaged with us on our social media platforms to see what exciting businesses get launched, the fun challenges they face, and getting to witness how the LaunchX summer program unfolds!Didn't apply this year and want to for 2022? Fill out our interest form! We can't wait to see our future entrepreneurs!

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