Oct 25, 2023

Should I apply again if LaunchX declined me last year?

If you applied to LaunchX entrepreneurship program for high school students in the previous summer and were not admitted, there's still hope! In fact, your chances of admittance will be much higher when you apply again this year. Here are two reasons why you should be excited:

Second-time applicants are more likely to be admitted.

In fact, students who have applied previously are typically about TWICE (2x) as likely to be admitted than first-time applicants! There are a few reasons why applicants who apply more than once have a much better chance of being accepted.

  • First, one of the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs is resilience. When you apply again after having been previously declined, our admissions committee knows that you are persistent and determined. On top of this, it demonstrates you'd be more likely to overcome the many challenges founders face in starting and scaling their companies. These qualities make you a highly attractive candidate for LaunchX.
  • The other factor is that you will have more time to prepare. The main difference between admitted second-time applicants and those who were not is their involvement and growth in the last year. LaunchX cares more about your entrepreneurial experience than anything else. Over 60% of admitted students this year had started a company or non-profit in the last year. Other successful candidates had participated in an entrepreneurship program, attended a hackathon, or started a school club. Keep in mind that entrepreneurial experience doesn't just mean starting a company, though, and that you can be entrepreneurial by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and taking initiative in your interests in any capacity. Use this year to show how you display the entrepreneurial mindset by pursuing your passions and developing your experience.

LaunchX entrepreneurship programs for high school students are always expanding.

Students from all over the world applied this year, with successful applicants from 28 different states and 40 countries. We had so many fantastic applicants; we wish we could accept many more students, though we are limited by ensuring we have the resources and support to ensure a great experience for all of the admits.So if you weren’t accepted this year, don’t take this as the end. True to the entrepreneurial mindset we teach, this is only a small setback. There are so many more high-potential, aspiring entrepreneurs who we want to work with. We are continually expanding the program, so make sure to apply again! We are working tirelessly to allow for even more aspiring young entrepreneurs to come together to network, learn, create their startups, and make an impact through the LaunchX experience this upcoming summer.We look forward to receiving your application!

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