Feb 28, 2024

5 Application Decisions That Won’t Hurt Your Chances to Get into a LaunchX Summer Program

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Applying to a distinguished summer program like LaunchX can be nerve-wracking. Many students worry about making the perfect application – stressing over details that might not significantly impact their chances of acceptance. Understanding what factors are crucial and what isn't can alleviate some of this anxiety.

Here are five application myths that won’t hurt your chances of getting into the LaunchX summer program –

1. “Submitting early will look like I didn’t take my time”

It can feel tempting to wait until the last minute to submit so that it looks like you spent all the available time on your application. However, the admissions team at LaunchX is concerned with the quality of the application, not when it is submitted. 

In fact, by submitting early, you can show the application team you are proactive. Plus, you will be compared to a smaller group of applicants.

Of course, never rush through your application. If you need more time to submit a quality application, take that time. The key is submitting a well-thought-out application representing your abilities and aspirations.

2. “I need to have perfect grades to be selected”

LaunchX looks for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and are driven to become successful entrepreneurs. While academic performance is considered, it's just one small part of the application. 

The admissions team seeks individuals who demonstrate creativity, initiative, and a capacity for innovative solutions. If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and can showcase your achievements, your application can still stand out. It's your unique experiences and perspectives that count.

3. “I need to include all the optional sections for a good application”

Optional sections in the application are an opportunity to showcase additional skills and accomplishments. If you have something meaningful to include in these sections, take the time to complete them – but not including them won't necessarily hurt your chances. 

If you believe your application is strong and effectively communicates your qualifications and fit for the program without these sections, leave them out. Remember, it is about the quality of the application, not how many sections you complete.

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4. “A video is better than a presentation in my application”

LaunchX now allows applicants to submit a presentation or a video to showcase their personality and accomplishments. Some students will feel comfortable filming and editing themselves. 

However, if you're more comfortable expressing your ideas and showcasing your projects through slides and text, your application won’t be viewed less favorably. The quality of your content and the creativity of your presentation are what truly matter.

5. “Applying for financial awards will hurt my odds of being accepted.

Worrying about the need for financial aid should not deter you from applying to LaunchX. The program is committed to making the summer programs accessible to all high-potential young entrepreneurs and innovators – regardless of their financial situation. 

Applying for financial awards or requesting an application fee waiver will not affect your application decision. LaunchX aims to nurture talent from diverse backgrounds, and financial considerations are part of ensuring inclusivity.

Work to have a quality application early – then submit! 

When applying to LaunchX, focus on showcasing your passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Don’t stress about creating the perfect application. Put your best foot forward, take time to complete each section well – then submit your application. 

As always, the sooner you submit your application, the better. 

What truly matters is your potential to benefit from and contribute to the LaunchX community.

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