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Introducing LaunchedX

Go beyond LaunchX with your community. By completing LaunchX, you are joining 1,000s of other alums who share your passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Our LaunchedX platform offers community, connection, and collaboration all on a single platform designed for you.

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Your community extended

Connect with other Launchies to extend your network, connect with old friends, and find future collaboration possibilities.

LaunchedX platform

The platform offers a variety of ways to intereact with others.


Intro Feed

Announce your arrival and see who is joining.

Speech bubble


Add to the conversation or add new content to get opinions on current topics.



Need some specific advice or want to work with other Launchies on a new idea? This is your space.


Expert Sessions

Events where you can learn a new skill or grow in your current competancy.

Two people


Find or post employment opportunities like internships or jobs.

Two chat bubbles


Talk directly with other Launchies with ideas or thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the LaunchedX network?

If you have completed a LaunchX summer program, you have been invited to join! If you haven't received the invitation or have misplaced the link, please contact us and we can get your invite to the network.

How many LaunchX alums are there?

We have been providing our rigorous summer programs for over a decade which means there are 2,500+ LaunchX alums. That also means that there are alums at different stages of life that you can connect with.

Why should I join?

Our programs all run during the summer months (June-August). For dates you can either go to the program page or you can see all the dates on our program comparisson page.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at and we’ll help you.